Check Out The List of Books Made into Great Movies Courtesy of Blockbuster Movie Pass

One of Hollywood’s most reliable sources for new movies is the brand new Blockbuster Movie Pass. With over 100,000 titles from movies, TV shows, and games you have plenty to choose from. You can also stream thousands of movies to your TV or PC with unlimited in-store exchanges. Pretty much any movie you have ever dreamed of seeing is available right at your fingertips. Have you ever stopped to think which Blockbuster hits first started off as great works of literature? DISH Network helps to take a look back over a list of great books that have turned into great movies:

  • ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’: Thomas Harris’ second novel about FBI agents picking the brain of imprisoned murderer and psychiatrist Hannibal helped give Anthony Hopkins his signature role and helped Jodie Foster escape her child-actress past. Both Actors won Oscars for their roles; they also won Best Picture for 1991.
  • ‘The Shinning’: When Stanley Kubrick adapted Stephen King’s novel into the thriller ‘The Shinning’, King was famously not happy with it. Experts say King was wrong to feel that way because Kubrick evokes a terrifying atmosphere of stillness and guides Nicholson to his career-best performance.
  • ‘True Grit’: This is the tale of a young girl bent on avenging her murdered father in 19th-century Arkansas, she solicits the help of an alcoholic, one-eyed marshal, perfectly played by actor Jeff Bridges, and a vain Texas Ranger already on the murderer’s trail, played by actor Matt Damon. Hailee Steinfeld out shone Damon and Bridges in the movie though.
  • ‘A Clockwork Orange’: Stanley Kubrick adapted almost all of his screenplays from books, and his 1971 film, one of his best and most unique was no different. He adapted Anthony Burgess’ novel about a young hoodlum subjected to a regressive experimental violence aversion therapy.
  • ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’: Most recently in ‘The Rum Diaries’, Johnny Depp has played Hunter S. Thompson’s character before in an adaptation of one of his own books. In 1998 Depp played Thompson in Terry Gilliam’s take on Thompson’s most famous work; a partly true story of his drug-induced trip to Las Vegas in search of the American Dream. It is said that this book was often called “unfilmable,” but we think Depp and crew did a great job!
  • ‘Where the Wild Things Are’: Spike Jonze turned Sendak’s beloved children’s book, about a young boy’s flight of fancy when he’s sent to bed without dinner, into a live-action epic where he becomes king of an island populated with huge monsters. Darker than one might expect, considering the source, but this gives an interesting meditation on the nature of growing up.

To view a full list of movies, series, and games visit Blockbuster Movie Pass online. To learn about adding this to your satellite TV programming package visit us at DISH –Systems or call (866)989-3474. What is your favorite book that has also been made into a movie?



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